The current Alexander Public Library was built in 1966.  The original small library housed the city jail, and had approximately 2,000 books for everyone to enjoy.  The library was then moved to the spot it is now.

We have a collection of over 10,000 items, including books, magazines, dd's, audio books, reference materials and a complete genealogy book and album section.

The library is in good shape for being over 50 years old.  Our main floor was recently remodeled, adding all wood book cases, and new updated table and chairs.  We comply with all city and state code ADA requirements.  We have a meeting room in the basement, and comfy seating upstairs for coffees and other events held throughout the year. 

Our library motto is: "The coffee pot is always on".

The library director and one other staff handle the daily duties.  Our doors are open 23 hours a week, Monday through Saturday.  We have books, magazines, three newspapers, puzzle time, crafts for both adults and children, audio books, fiction, non-fiction, copy, email fax, laminating services, and five public computers and other events for both adults and children.

We have a place for the younger children to enjoy and a room for the teens to sit and enjoy music or do their homework.

Our library is accredited at a Tier 3 level.  We receive funding from the city and the county as well, which we appreciate.