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    The women of the Alexander community felt a great need for library service.  The Federated Club organized a drive to make it all come true.  They appealed to the town council, Community Club, and all members of the community who wished to help financially or by giving of their time.  The response was terrific.

     The Town Council gave money, donated use of room and remodeled it.   Federated Club has made library service and a donation its project each year.  The jail was removed by a farmer.  Women came in to paint and prepare books for the shelves.  These get-to-gethers were lots of fun.  Community Club donated all the new shelving.  Books, money, time, paint--all were donated.  Women and younf people helped pack and unpack books from Mason City each three months.  Former residents sent books and money as memorials.

     People from other towns have donated books and magazines.  Club members and other women baked goods for library benefits.  Four H girls donated time.  The library grew till it became crowded , and could not perform the services the library should be doing for the community.

     Early in 1966, the library board had an inspiration.  They applied to Kinney Lindstrum Foundation for a grant.  The foundation gave the library a grant of $10,000 to be used for building and equipment.  The library was granted $16,200 by the federal grant for the same purpose.  Both were truly impressed at what a small town and its people could do.  The Community Club made a drive in town and the country and raised over $7,000 in pledges.  The town donated a lot and $3,000.  The building project was started on September 26, 1966.  The 32' by 60' library was ready on March 1st, 1967, with 2,000 books and a limited budget to operate.

     Now in 2021 the library houses over 10,000 books, magazines, and DVD's. Offers a full-time Library Director, 13 databases, five public computers, one senior computer, five member library board, meeting room and many many library supporters.