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Library Policies

List of Policies

The Alexander Public Library participates in the Open Access program, assuring that all library services are available to everyone, out-of-state residents are not excluded.



A. Registration


All borrowers must be registered and must have a valid local library card to borrow library materials.


Patrons must fill out an application form to register for a new library card. The following statement will be printed on the registration form for the patron's information and acceptance:


I, a resident of ___________________, agree to obey all rules and regulations of the library, to pay promptly all fines charged against me for the injury or loss of books, and to give immediate notice of any change of address.


Identification is required. A driver's license of student ID is preferred, however, any other official ID or recent nonpersonal piece of mail may be acceptable.


Applicants under 14 years of age must have a parent or guardian give their consent on the application for before a new card can be issued. This parental signature is not required for children who are renewing cards.


Materials cannot be checked out until a library card is issued.


Though library cards do not expire, periodic deletion of patron records may be performed by library staff if unused for a long period of time or if the patron moves from the area.



B. Lost or forgotten cards


If a patron loses his/her library card, he/she should notify the library as soon as possible and request a replacement.



C. Loan periods


  1. Two (2) weeks for books.

  2. One (1) week for current issues of periodicals.

  3. Three (3) days for digital video discs (DVDs).

  4. Two (2) weeks for audiobooks.

  5. Two (2) weeks for puzzles and other children's materials.

  6. Two (2) weeks for non-current issues of periodicals.

  7. Generally, reference books do not circulate. Upon request, some reference materials may be checked out for two (2) weeks.

  8. Interlibrary loans are due the date indicated by the lending library.


There is no limit on the number of items a patron can borrow at one time, with one exception – a limit of five (5) digital video discs (DVDs) may be borrowed at a time.


Items may be renewed once if there is not a waiting list for the item.


Items may be returned during open hours or through the book drop on the southwest corner of the building.



D. Holds


Holds may be placed by patrons either in person or over the telephone. Patrons will be notified by telephone or email when the materials are available. There is no charge to the patron for placing a hold on an item or for Interlibrary Loan services.



E. Fines and charges


If a digital video disc (DVD) is not returned in three (3) days, a $1.00 fine will be assessed for each day overdue for each DVD until returned. If a patron cannot make the deadline, he/she needs to notify library staff immediately. If staff decides this is an emergency and there was an effort to return DVDs, it will be considered an excused fine. Only two excused fines will be allowed each calendar year. If a patron does not pay a fine, no further borrowing will be allowed until the fine is paid.


There are no fines for other overdue materials. A first notice will be sent by telephone or email after the material is due. If the material is not returned within a designated period, a bill will be sent for the material with the cost of replacement of the material. Patrons who have been sent an overdue notice shall be denied borrowing privileges until those overdue materials are returned or paid for if lost and/or damaged.



F. Probation


If a patron abuses any circulation policy, he/she will be place on probation for a period to be determined by the Director with no borrowing permitted. After this waiting period, a one-month probation with borrowing will be allowed as long as items are returned in a timely manner. The Director will determine further disciplinary measures if policy abuses continue.



G. Damaged materials


If materials are damaged so as to be judged by the library as being unsuitable for the collection, the patron must pay the replacement cost. A notice of these charges will be sent to the borrower; a sample of the notice follows:


Dear ______________, At the time a library patron borrows materials from the public library collection, the patron assumes the responsibility for the care and timely return of the materials. Recently, materials checked out on your library card were returned to the library damaged beyond the point of being usable in the library's collection. The titles and costs of these materials are listed below:


_____________________ $_______


Your assistance in clearing this matter promptly will be appreciated and will be necessary in order to retain your borrowing privileges.


Thank you in advance for your prompt response to this matter.





(The board and director need to determine whether patrons who damage and pay for materials owned by the library will be allowed to have those materials once payment has been received. It is a question that will be raised by patrons and it is best to have decided in advance what your practice will be.)



H. Freedom to view


This library adheres to the American Library Association's Freedom to View Statement and the American Library Bill of Rights, which state that a “person's right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views”. It is the parent's responsibility to restrict their children from viewing certain library materials. The Alexander Public Library will therefore not restrict the checkout of any material(s) to children and young adults under 17 years of age based on their content or a movie's MPAA rating provided their parent completes the Alexander Public Library Movie Lending Policy form.


The Alexander Public Library's Movie Lending Policy and Movie Lending Permission Form are included separately in the library's Policy Manual.


I. Confidentiality


As specified in Wisconsin Statutes 43.30, “records of any library which is in whole or in part supported by public funds, including the records of a public library system, indicating the identity of any individual who borrows or uses the library's documents or other materials, resources or services may not be disclosed except by court order or to persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administration of the library or library system, to persons authorized by the individual to inspect such records, or to libraries authorized under subs. (2) and (3).”


The Alexander Public Library adheres strictly to all section of this Statute regarding the protection of the confidentiality of its users.

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