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"The Alexander Public Library is to provide area citizens with essentially free access to books, periodicals, and other materials which they desire or require, and to provide appropriate facilities and conditions for their convenient and comfortable distribution and use.   Special emphasis is placed on providing a wide variety of popular materials for reading and viewing."


"The Alexander Public Library will promote and use technology to meet the current and future informational needs of all the members of the community and surrounding areas who are library card holders by providing free access to the internet.  The staff will assist the members in a friendly way to encourage life-long learning."


"The Alexander Public Library is a community center serving the area as a resource for leisure, knowledge and learning.  Library programs and services are provided in an atmosphere that is friendly, responsive, comfortable and accessible.  The Alexander Public Library wishes to ensure everyone's right to information and resources."


       "Technology Vision Statement:  The Alexander Public Library will use information technologies to enhance its collections and services, and to assure access for the Alexander community and surrounding areas to information in electronic formats."


       "Technology Vision Statement:   The people of Alexander and surrounding areas will have convenient access to information resources through proven technology. 

In the library proper and the virtual library, our job will be to direct customers to sources of technology information.  Patrons will be assisted by knowledgeable, trained and courteous staff.


"The mission of the Alexander Public Library is to encourage lifelong learning by anticipating and responding to the needs of the community for information, to encourage a desire to read, and to enrich the quality of the community."





1.  To train the public to use the Internet to its fullest extent.


2.  To educate the public about the kinds of services that the use of technology, such as the Internet can provide them.


3.  To use the Internet to keep the public aware of the activities at the library.


4.  To utilize technology to increase efficiency of the library functions.



Activities, Action items, Responsibility, Time Line


By the end of 2014                    

1. To create our own web page to keep patrons updated on new additions to the library collection, changes and meetings and classes to be held at the library. 

Responsibility:  Director


By the end of 2014:

1.  Offer classes to patrons who want to learn how to use the computer to enhance their knowledge in this area.

Responsibility:  Director





By the end of 2014:

1.  To upgrade the current public access PC as needed to provide the fastest and best service to our patrons.

Responsibility:  Director



Current Computer Status:


The Alexander Public Library has two public PC's, both with Windows 2000 that are available for patron use.  Both are connected to the Internet.  The library also has a new Smart Telikin Computer for adults 55 and over to use.

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